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The HQL Validator avoids that an issue is created via the Jira 'Create' button if an HQL Action button is able to create issues in the selected Project/Issue Type


When applying the HQL Validator, on trying to create an issue, it checks on all mappings having as destination Project and Issue Type the selected ones and having the Quick Action Button/Post Function turned On in order to allow the issue creation to the users configured as Partnership Destination Credential on the associated Partnerships exclusively.

It implies that these users will be able to create an issue via the Jira 'Create' button too.

Consequently, It's recommended to apply as Partnership Destination Credential an HQL system user.


The Allow issue creation/linking via partnership credentials must be turned  On.

Adding the HQL Validator to the Create workflow transition

  1. Navigate to the Workflow associated to the Project/Issue Type for whom you want avoid issue creation via the Jira Create button

  2.  Edit the Workflow

  3. Select the Create worrkflow transition

  4. Click Add Validator 

  5. Select the Issue Creation Validator (HQL) and Add it

  6. Publish the draft workflow

The HQL Validator has not effect on any Workflow transition other then the Create transion.

How it works

Consider the following Approval Mapping

having the Allow issue creation/linking via partnership credentials turned ON

and associated to the following Partnership

The HQL Validator has been added on the Create transition of the workflow associated to the Destination Project and Issue Type.

Consider that user has privileges to create issue in the destination Project 'Process Management'.

Login as an user that is not the user applied as Partnership destination credential.

Click the Jira Create button the Destination Project and Issue Type applied on the Approval Mapping.

On clicking Create

the following alert appears and issue creation in not allowed.

Notice the issue creation succeeds on any other Project/Issue Type associated to the same workflow where no Approval Mapping exists having as destination Project and Issue Type the selected ones and having the Quick Action Button/Post Function turned On.

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