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This documentation is for the downloadable version of Herzum Quick Linker 4.

Not using this? See the earlier versions of the documentation.

 What's new in v. 4.0

Improving existing Administration screens

  • The Partnership Administration screen allows to update Source/Target base URL.
  • The Mapping Administration screen includes the possibility to copy an existing mapping to create a new one.
  • The Mapping Configuration screen has been enriched to allow:

    • Bulk upgrading of link type and link versus on the existing quick links
    • Other optional settings.

New Administration screens

  • The Escalate Post Function Administration screen adds the capability to easily manage (add, edit, delete) the escalate issue post function on the workflows.
  • The Mapping Scheme Administration, Mapping Scheme Configuration and Mapping Pattern Administration screens add the capability to configure mappings reusable on multiple Projects. 

Usage facilities

  • Enabling the create another box to create and link more than an issue in one click
  • Issues ranking on the Herzum Quick Link panel
  • Improving remote issue creation by including more fields on the screen.
  • The issues created and/or linked via Jira link by Quick linker can be Populated and Synced.
  • JQL Functions to search issues linked via Quick links.

Customer Support

Contact us creating a support request in our Customer Portal.

Installing and initial set-up

Administrator's Guide

User's Guide


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