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Welcome to the Herzum Apps documentation home page!

Herzum Approval

Herzum Approval for Jira on Premises provides a simple and flexible way of managing and processing the approval of JIRA issues.

Administrators can easily define approval criteria based on workflow transitions or project/issue types.

Herzum Quick Linker

Herzum Quick Linker for Jira allows to create linked issues with a single click of a button.

Administrators can configure, among other things, source and destination for projects and issue types and the labels for the buttons that create and link your issues!

Herzum Moderator Approval

 Herzum Moderator Approval is an app for Bitbucket that lets you define, at a project or repository level, Moderators that need to approve a pull-request before merging.

Herzum Attachment Manager

Herzum Attachment Manager is a powerful add-on for JIRA that lets you define, at the project level, the maximum number of attachments and also overwrite the default JIRA maximum attachment size.

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