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The Herzum Quick Linker Add-on is a powerful JIRA add-on that gives you the ability to quickly create and link issues. Additionally it provides a configurable mechanism for the synchronization of issue fields between 2 linked issues. Quick Linker is designed to allow any user to create an issue from within an existing issue and automatically link the 2 issues together. Moreover, Quick Linker has the ability to create issues within the same JIRA instance and project or across different JIRA instances and projects. All of this is defined by the JIRA Administrator using Quick Linker's robust administration panel.

The Quick Linker plugin consists of the following:

  • User friendly configuration panel
  • Create and Link issues automatically
    • In the same instance or across multiple JIRA instances
    • In the same project or across multiple projects
    • In subtask issues
  • Automatically synchronize linked issues in multiple JIRA instances

Create and link issues in one click

Use the configured buttons or the escalate issue post function to create and link issues.

Manage your issue type relationships

Define issue types relationships across different JIRA instances and projects or in the same JIRA instance and project.

Cross JIRA instance linking

Use a user-friendly administration panels to setup your Quick Linker buttons.

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