We started helping our customers with the Atlassian products in 2004. Since then, we have helped teams and companies of all sizes succeed with Atlassian. From small start-ups to large Fortune 100. We are one of the few Platinum Experts. We are one of the largest reseller of Atlassian products in the world.

We have helped adopt, install, configure, extend, integrate, manage all the Atlassian products. We have integrated them with most other products out there.

Combined with our Agile and DevOps leadership, we have helped companies hugely improve the way they develop, test, and release software. Or manage their Help Desk.

We have also helped our customers adopt the products outside of IT: to manage marketing campaigns, their services organizations, to manage HR, to manage their products, their sales.

We have extended all the products, built custom add-ons. Provided advanced levels of 24 * 7 support with stringent SLAs.
We understand the do's and don'ts of the software and work hard to promote and implement best practices developed over years of experience. As a matter of fact, Herzum has created a detailed training curriculum that supports the needs of users, admins, and the developer community.

Installation and Configuration


Hands-on Training


Plugin Development


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