Our partnerships are critical to the success of our customers. We are committed to enlarging the scope and success of our partnerships and will continually seek out relationships with outstanding organizations.

If you would like more information about partnering with Herzum please contact us online or email partners@herzum.com.
Our Value Proposition

Our direct involvement in standards organizations such as the OMG allows us to support marketing programs that educate the market and evangelize emerging standards and XML related technologies from a unique perspective.

We educate customers with high level technical briefings to architects, lead developers, IT managers and executives. We provide a comprehensive set of hands-on workshops to teach the skills needed to build scalable enterprise software that is simply not available in the market place today.

We build complete training programs for ISV's and enterprise customers that support the migration and organizational changes required adopting the latest state-of-the-art technology and business practices.

We extend the services capability of our partners beyond their immediate expertise to offer the broad set of services that are needed by large companies facing significant technology changes to remain competitive.

We are experts in the use of J2EE, XML, SOAP, UML and related technologies in the context of large-scale development for a federated distributed enterprise architecture.

Partner Profiles

We are always on the look out for companies that wish to leverage our years of experience to expand their business and ours. Are you are a company that can answer yes to all the profile questions below? If so please let us know we'll be please to hear from you.

Independent Software Vendors

  • Product-focused advanced technology company
  • Marketing to medium and large financial services, insurance, health or manufacturing enterprises
  • That wish to benefit from our market image, seeking to broaden their services portfolio in areas such as : product-independent training, architecture, technology, and development offerings

Consulting Organizations

  • Enterprise-Focused services: enterprise integration, e-business development
  • Benefiting from COSM, the leading approach to Agile Software Manufacturing using components and Webservices
  • Complementing their offering with the most advanced training and mentoring in architectures and technologies available today.