Herzum is an international consulting company, leader in Agile and DevOps and one of the largest Atlassian providers in the world. The group was created in March 2000 in Chicago, and has offices in Italy, India, and UK - and is busy expanding its geographical presence in 2016. Herzum is one of the few Atlassian Platinum Experts, a leading reseller of Atlassian products, and is well-known for its comprehensive Atlassian services. We provide state-of-the-art Agile and DevOps services, advanced enterprise-level consulting, as well as custom application development to companies around the world. Herzum handles projects and organizations from the startup phase to the Fortune 100 level.

Our consultants are experienced professionals, with significant experience in large and small adoption of agile methodologies, a unique understanding of both modern and legacy technologies, and a passion for automation of all aspects of IT and software development. We have helped help align business with IT, reduce your IT costs, and resolve architectural, project, or technology challenges. The company was created by Peter Herzum, based on the success of his book "Business Component Factory", which was named the "bible of software factories", was translated to several languages, and adopted by large organizations and universities around the world.

Our pragmatic approach to resolving your challenges, together with the architectural perspective required to address long term objectives, allows us to provide solutions to your most complex and pressing business issues.

Let us help you, and experience the Herzum Difference!

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Why Herzum?

There must be a reason why some of the largest IT organizations in the world require our advice, why software product developers and technology vendors call us to review their strategy and architecture. We are proud of what we have done and are doing for the industry. Herzum consultants have always been at the forefront of using IT to obtain pragmatic results.

We have been among the first to successfully adopt the various new technology waves, including the latest J2EE, .NET and Web Services technologies, not for the sake of adoption, but to resolve concrete business problems in the most cost-effective way.
We have literally defined what new architectural styles are and can do, in particular component-based approaches and service-oriented approaches.

We were focusing on agility long before the term became a buzz-word. Today, we know how to help you scale agility to any organizational dimension, any project complexity. In a repeatable, cost-effective way. We defined what Agile Software Manufacturing is about.

We have the only third generation approach to enterprise architecture (COSM Enterprise), and can help you truly link Business Strategy, IT Strategy, Enterprise Architecture and individual projects.
We have been and are busy extending making software architecture repeatable, participating to the most crucial standardization activities, pushing the limits of Model-Driven Architectures to resolve bigger and more complex problems, creating the architectural theory that our field so badly needs.

We have brought software product development and software product suite development to a new level. Repeatable. Cost-effective. Long-lasting.


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