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This documentation is for the open source version of the Hipchat to Mattermost Migration application, HC2MM version 1.4.

HC2MM is an application that gives you the ability to easily migrate your data from a HipChat server instance into your Mattermost instance.

The Herzum Mattermost Migration App provides the following features:

  • Automatically creates all of your HipChat "rooms" as "channels" in Mattermost.
  • Migrates all users from HipChat to Mattermost.
  • Includes all histories for HipChat rooms and all histories for users.
  • Direct messages are included in the migration process.
  • A user-friendly graphical interface to launch the migration process.

Click here for more information about Mattermost tools.

Compatibility and Release Notes

HC2MM Supported platforms

Mattermost Documentation

Customer Support

Contact us by creating a support request in our Customer Portal.

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