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Herzum Attachment Manager app has the following Jira version compatibility.

Herzum Attachment Manager versionJira versionRelease dateRelease Note
1.5.1-JIRA-77.0-7.132018-12-28Summary: Some minor fixes


  • Capability to setup the allowed file extensions for files that may be attached to Jira issues.
1.4.3-JIRA-77.0-7.122018-07-24Summary: Jira 7.12 compatibility
1.4.2-JIRA-77.0-7.102018-07-09Summary: Jira 7.10 compatibility
1.4.1-JIRA-77.0-7.92018-04-13Summary: Jira 7.9 compatibility
1.4-JIRA-77.0-7.82018-02-27Summary: Jira 7.8 compatibility
1.3-JIRA-77.0-7.62018-01-16Summary: Jira 7.6 compatibility
1.2-JIRA-77.0-7.52017-11-03Summary: Jira 7.5 compatibility and Bug Fixing

Summary: Bug fixing

  • An error is displayed on the Agile Board
1.1.1-Jira_77.02016-02-15Summary: Jira 7.0 compatibility and minor bug fixing
1.1.1-Jira-6.0-6.46.0-6.42016-02-15Summary: Minor bug fixing

Summary: Attachment Administration Gadgets

  • Herzum Guide for Attachment Administration
  • Herzum Attachment Statistics Chart
  • Herzum Attachment Report

Summary: First release

The Herzum Attachments Manager is a powerful app for Atlassian Jira that let you define at project level:

  • a limit on the max allowed attachment size
  • a limit on the number of files let be attached to the issues belonging to a project.

The project specific configurations overwrite the global Jira maximum attachment size configuration.

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