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The Attachment Administration gadget (Herzum - Guide for Attachment Administration) allows to display useful attachment administration information. 

The Attachment Setting section shows Attachment Jira setting and Herzum Attachment settings. The Edit links redirect to the related administration screen.

The Attachment Administration Documentation provides links redirecting to the Attachment administration's documentation.

The Warning allows to display the total attachment space allocation, the total number of attached files and the attachments weekly growth rate by size and by number of attached files.

Herzum - Guide for Attachment Administration look like

The Herzum - Guide for Attachment Administration gadget appears as follows:

Adding the Guide for Attachment Administration gadget to your Dashboard

In order to add the Guide for Attachment Administration gadget to your dashboard follow the instructions below:


Navigate your Jira dashboard, click Add Gadget and type Herzum on the search box.

Gadget Directory pop-up

2Locate the Guide for Attachments Administration gadget and click Add

Available Gadget listing screen

3Move the gadget to a different position on the dashboard by simply drag-and-drop.

Jira dashboard

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