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This documentation is for the downloadable version of Herzum Approval 4.X 

Not using this? See the documentation for other versions.

The Herzum Approval app is a powerful Jira app that provides a simple and flexible way to setup your approval processes in Jira.

Using the user-friendly administration screens, the administrator can easily setup complex approval definitions, associate the approval to a specific  project, issue type and workflow transition, have access to a rich set of customization and advanced settings  including automation  of workflow transitioning and email notification.

App main features include:

  • Powerful and user-friendly administration screens
  • Intuitive way to see and manage the approval status of an issue
  • A rich set of JQL functions 
  • Easily configure email-based approvals
  • Bulk copy, move, delete, your approval configurations
  • Bulk approve your pending approval
  • Approval History Reporting
  • A rich set of customization including Enable Abstain, Customize Labels, Lock reversing approval action and many other
  • A rich set of advanced settings including automation of workflow transitioning and email notification.

To get started, have a look to some common  customer scenarios and  how the app has supported  the implementation.

See also How to implement some common approval processes and our Video Tutorials in order to learn faster how the app works.

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