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The Attachment Report gadget allows to display a report that shows, by project or by issue type, for each selected project and issue type, the total memory size allocated for your attachments, the total number of attached files, the total number of issues having one attachment at least, the percentage of issues having attachments respect to the total number of issues.

Herzum - Attachment Report look like

The Herzum - Attachment Report gadget appears as follows:

Adding the Attachment Report gadget to your Dashboard

In order to add the Attachment Report gadget to your dashboard follow the instructions below:


Go to your Jira dashboard, click Add Gadget and type Herzum on the search box.

Gadget Directory pop-up

2Locate the Attachment Report gadget and click Add it Now 

Available Gadget listing 

3Choose the desired filters. Allowed filters include Issue types and Projects.

Herzum Attachment Report Configuration screen


Choose the Type statistic to be displayed. Allowed choices include by Project or by Issue type.

Herzum Attachment Report Configuration screen

5Choose the refresh interval to specify how often the gadget will update.

Herzum Attachment Report Configuration screen

6Click Save to display the Herzum Attachment Report.

Herzum Attachment Report Gadget

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